DNA Test in New York

New York is a different animal. While 49 states in the union allow citizens to get DNA testing for any reason at any time without any restriction, the Empire State does not. It regulates all genetic testing for relationships. Recently, a DNA lab released a home paternity test kit into the retail market. Consumers could purchase the kit at a local pharmacy, bring it home for self collection, and send it into the lab for testing. A DNA Test in New York is not that simple. All tests in NY must be considered legal tests.

There are three ways to obtain a legal DNA test in NY. The first is a court order. When a woman applies for child support and is required to name a father the court often orders genetic testing. The second way is an order from U.S. Immigration. The USCIS is requesting DNA testing on families petitioning for visas as a means of proof of relationships. New York is the melting pot of the world, and immigrants petition for visas by the tens of thousands. A request for DNA testing from U.S. Immigration is sufficient for a legal test. The third way to obtain DNA testing is through a prescription from a doctor. If a medical doctor determines that a DNA test is necessary, then that doctor can write a prescription for it.

Next is the issue of court admissible results. Home kits or tests that are self-collected are not admissible in court as evidence, and are not legal in the state of New York. New York requires legal testing, meaning the results must be admissible as evidence. This requires both a chain of custody, and collection by an unbiased third party.

The truth is, some companies offer home kits in New York. It’s also true that New York State Law requires legal DNA testing and most accredited DNA companies abide by those laws. Consumers should be skeptical about the quality and accuracy of results from companies who do not follow those laws.

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